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The main difference between coniferous and deciduous trees is. Some coniferous trees are also deciduous. Some, such as larch and tamarack (Larix spp.), have needles and cones but also lose their leaves in the fall. A general rule of thumb about coniferous trees is that they grow needles and cones as opposed to leaves. Unlike deciduous trees, coniferous. The leaves of many conifers are known as needles, Other environments are dominated by either coniferous or deciduous trees. Coniferous trees have needles instead of leaves. These pointy protrusions come in a range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, but they all are. Deciduous trees have more leaf area while conifers have long-lasting leaves. The leaves of coniferous trees are either long needle-like or flat scale-like. They. There's Overlap, but They Are, in Fact, Different · Holly shrubs (most Ilex spp.; but winterberry holly, Ilex verticillata, is deciduous) · Azalea. Needle = a thin, long modified leaf typical of conifers. Hardwood = another commonly used word for deciduous, broadleaf trees. The deciduous trees have leaves that fall off yearly. Coniferous trees bear cones and have needles or scales that do not fall off. So, Which Evergreens (AKA Conifers) Lose Their Leaves? As with deciduous trees, fall is the time of year for needle drop.

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