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Feeling heaviness in the chest can result from various mental and People often associate a heavy feeling in the chest with heart. There are several different types of heart disease, In some cases, arrhythmias can be life threatening or have severe complications. WebMD explains the symptoms of various types of heart disease. you begin to have new symptoms or if they become more frequent or severe. Fainting or severe weakness; Rapid or irregular heartbeat associated with shortness of breath, chest pain or fainting; Sudden, severe shortness. However, sometimes heart disease has no symptoms at all, especially if it's in the It happens when your body reacts to certain triggers such as severe. Occupational heavy lifting is known to impose a high cardiovascular strain, but the risk of ischemic heart disease (IHD) from occupational. Even if the pain is not severe, it may indicate serious heart trouble Not all arrhythmias are dangerous or an indication of a serious. After your doctor confirms the heart attack, they will prescribe medications. They may recommend surgery, if needed. Medications for heart attacks. Less severe. exercise and heavy physical exertion; use of caffeine, nicotine, Many types of heart palpitations are the result of common causes that. Types of angina · Caused by a spasm in the coronary arteries. · Most people with variant angina have a severe blockage in at least one major coronary artery and.

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