The workshops developed by The Haymarket Theatre Company are designed for the pupils/students to have a positive, creative and fun experience, using theatre/drama as a means of putting their language skills to use.

With the guidance of the workshop leaders the aim of the workshop is to encourage the pupils/students to use their language skills through drama based games, exercises and improvisation ending up with a short presentation created by the pupils/students themselves in the target language.

The presentation will be based on an improvisation developed with the guidance of workshop leaders in small groups.

workshopThe workshop leaders can conduct the entire event in the target language but this will be dependent upon the age of the students and how long they have been learning the language.

This would be discussed in the lead up to the workshop with the language teacher, together with any priorities the teacher might have.

Latest update for students:

We have recently teamed up with a professional proofreading company that we will be working with to check all scripts and monologues as well as providing us with a translation service for historic Latin scripts that are on the syllabus.

Key topics to be covered during this season

  1. Great British plays
  2. The importance of script writing
  3. Historical and modern acting methods / techniques


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