Starting An Acting Career

The one year integrated course in Acting & Musical Theatre has been devised for post graduates and mature students who wish to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Realistically it takes a national drama school three years to produce a professional actor with the required creative skills and practical techniques required by the profession.

This is a course designed for those people who cannot justify three years training.

Confidence is a huge thing when starting your acting career some people gain confidence through different means e.g. Teeth whitening can be a massive confidence boost you appearing on stage as nobody wants to see horrible teeth do they?

The course is extremely hard work. However it is possible to give a dedicated and enthusiastic post graduate/mature student sound and realistic training during one year, which will greatly increase their chances of working within the profession.

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The course

First Term= All classes with the first year students.

Second Term= A mixture of first and second year classes, and a public performance of a post-grad play.

Third Term= A mixture of second and third year classes.

If the required standard is reached you will be offered a place in the West End Showcase.

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