History of The Haymarket Theatre

In early 2017 we will celebrate Haymarket Theatre  200th birthday as a continually operating theatre in West minister.

It has since 1750 played a unique role in West minister, London and beyond, not only by providing an impressive range of quality entertainment, but now with lowest prices unmatched elsewhere in the UK, and also through our education and outreach work and contribution to the local economy.

But we are living on borrowed time.

The present building, the third Theatre Royal on the site, opened in 1935 and cannot provide the accessibility or facilities required by 21st century audiences and our ever-expanding education and outreach work. Visit this page 

We have therefore been planning a comprehensive modernisation programme.

The key to the project has been the securing of the ground and first floors of neighbouring Dencora House for use by the Theatre Royal.

This meansthe expanding of  public areas, providing proper access and comfort, increasing the capacity of the Theatre Royal to earn its own living, and reducing the public emphasis of the front of house spaces away from the left hand side of the building to wrap the foyers around the auditorium equally.

Want to be preforming in the Haymarket Theatre one day?

By the end of 2015 we had, thankfully our own funding, generous public sector contributions and many contributions from our audiences, Friends, local businesses and charitable trusts, already secured a fantastic £8 million of the whopping £10 million required.

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